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A backpack that prevents thieves from stealing your belongings!

Recent studies have shown that up to 400,000 pickpocket incidents occur every day. Stay one step ahead of thieves and protect your belongings with AlloyBag™. Its unique design hides the zipper in the back preventing a thief from easily unzipping your backpack and taking your laptop. Built-in the side is a charge port where you can easily connect and charge any phone. Inside is an array of pockets to keep all your belonging nicely organized. AlloyBag™ is the backpack reinvented.


  • Water-resistant, Tear-resistant, durable polyester fabric.
  • Cut-proof material, hidden zipper closures, and secret pockets will keep your belongings secure during your commutes.
  • Prevent thieves from easily accessing your pockets with 10+ secure compartments and hidden zippers.
  • Built-in USB charger port.
  • Elastic laptop storage pockets.
  • Designed for everyday wear or international traveler.
  • Minimalistic clean design.
  • Keeps you one step ahead of thieves!