Doodles 3D Print Pen

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Filament Included

Make your drawings come to life. 

Imagine if what you draw on paper can become reality. Doodles 3D Printing Pen makes that happen by extruding heated plastic and cooling it instantly into a solid structure. Similar to a 3D printer the Doodler allows for you to open your creative mind and draw whatever you desire in 3D. There are endless possibilities where you can take this, draw vertically and create a 3D structure, or simply draw on a flat surface and add life to your creation. This is truly a 3D printer in the palm of your hand. 

**18M color filament included!



  • Draw in 3D - Doodles 3D Print Pen brings art to life by extruding plastic and cooling it instantly creating a 3D solid structure. You can even draw vertically!
  • Compact Design - The lightweight design has an integrated heating nozzle and LCD screen all housed in an easy to use package.
  • LCD Temperature Control - LCD Screen shows your control of temperature, speed, and filament.
  • No Jamming - There is an integrated unclogging mechanism which prevents jamming.
  • Button Controls - Built in button controls allow you to extrude and reverse filament.
  • Easy & Fun - Doodles 3D is a simple and fun creative tool which opens up the mind to endless possibilities!