itFit Band™ Headband (Beautiful)

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Beautiful Colors
Feather Blue
Purple Pixel
Playa De palm
Comic Book
Island Fever
Original Chevron
Glowing Chevron
Black Bandana
Red Bandana
Hot Pink Bandana
Aqua Bandana
Lime Green Bandana
Happy Dots
Lady Bug
Spot Princess
Poke A Dots
Black Ops
Green Ops
The Hunter
Purple Zebra
Baby Zebra
Cyan Zebra
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itFit Bands are proudly MADE IN AMERICA 

The world's best fitting headband. 

Don’t you hate it when your headband pops-off? The itFit Band ™ is sized specifically for your head so you can run, train or do any activity and not worry about your headband slipping. Made from a sweat wicking micro poly/lycra material this headband was designed to keep sweat out of your eyes and stay in place. It is seemed so you can adjust the thickness of the front based on your personal preference and the best part is, there is an array of beautiful designs to help you perfectly match your outfit that day.

Non Slip - The itFit Band is the world’s best fitting headband and will not slip off no matter how hard you train. 

6 in 1 Styling - There are 6 different ways you can wear an itFit Band. It was designed so the front of the band can be adjusted to your preferred size

Micro-last Technology - Made of a unique spandex/lycra blend which is extremely absorbent and retains its elasticity even after regular use.

Absorbs Sweat - The moisture wicking material helps keep sweat out of your eyes during the toughest parts of your workout.

Machine Washable - All itFit Bands are Machine washable! Wash in cold water and hang to dry.

Over 50 Styles - itFit Bands come in over 50 beautiful designs. Making it easy to match any outfit, keeping you always looking fresh!