NoSand™ Mat

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Providing you a SAND-FREE experience at the beach!

Don’t you hate it when sand gets all over your towel while you're at the beach? The NoSand™ Mat is a blanket that allows you to relax on the beach without having to worry about irritating sand going everywhere. The engineered dual layer design allows for sand to pass through from the top, but prevents sand from coming back up from underneath, providing you with a comfortable and relaxing SAND-FREE experience!


  • Multi-Purpose - The dual weave design provides the durability to set up at any beach or campsite and provides stability to set up tables chairs or even land a drone on it!
  • Sinks Sand - The specially engineered design allows for a sand to pass through one way while preventing sand from coming back up, providing you with a comfortable SAND-FREE experience.
  • High Quality & Durable - Made from high-quality materials this mat can handle anything you throw at it. The NoSand™ Mat was made to last.
  • Several Sizes - Depending on large you would like the mat you require there is an option to choose from the 3 different sizes.
  • Option to Secure - If you would like to secure the mat down you can use the optional stake holes.
  • One Way Design - Sand falls straight through the NoSand™ Mat and doesn’t come back up!