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Modern luxury design made for the home. 

PrintTopics is luxury modern design at it’s finest. A world created where everyone can embrace their passions through beautiful modern art. The Iconic Panel Collection was designed to improve the look and feel of any household while providing a comforting futuristic feel for your home.


  • High-Quality Print - Top of the line A+++ printing, the image looks exactly as seen on the computer.
  • Durable Canvas - Printed on a durable linen/cotton high quality canvas.
  • Modern Design - Panel design will modernize any home and is the perfect addition to any room!


  • No Frame - ROLLED CANVAS
  • With Frame - FRAMED CANVAS (Ready to Hang)

Dimensions (cm)

  • Medium Size - 30 x 60cm x 2pcs, 30 x 80cm x 2pcs
  • Large Size - 50 x 120cm x 2pcs, 50 x 140cm x 2pcs