PushSeal™ SMART Food Storage Bundle

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What's Included!
1 x PushSeal™ Rechargable Vacuum
2 x PushSeal™ Large ZipBags
2 x PushSeal™ Medium ZipBags
1 x PushSeal™ Large SMART Lid
1 x PushSeal™ Medium SMART Lid
1 x PushSeal™ Large Container
1 x PushSeal™ Medium Container
1 x PushSeal™ SMART Cork
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Cleaning up leftovers has never been so easy.

The PushSeal™ is the ultimate kitchen solution for keeping food fresh for longer. In seconds with the PushSeal™ SMART lid, you can cover your leftovers using the same bowl they were served in. Say goodbye to the days of messy wasteful plastic wrap, all push seal products are 100% reusable. The revolutionary rechargeable compact PushSeal™ vacuum works across all PushSeal™ solutions.

Increase the shelf life of your food.

Preserve food up to 5x longer with the PushSeal™ Zip Bags. The one-way valve allows for the PushSeal™ vacuum to remove all the air without letting any back in. By quickly extracting the air, this PushSeal™ solution eliminates any risk of freezer burn keeping your food as fresh as the day you got it!

Revolutionary one-way air valve quick release design.

PushSeal™ valve’s revolutionary design makes it quick and easy to pack and store away your food. By simply placing the PushSeal™ Vacuum on the centre of the valve you are able to extract all the air in a matter of seconds, instantly preserving any meal for longer. Whenever its time to enjoy those delicious leftovers simply lift the valve and all the air will release, allowing you to have a quick and easy meal on the go.

Make your wine last longer.

We all know that oxygen is wines worst enemy. The PushSeal SMART cork fights that head on by extracting all the air and preserving your wine so it tastes just as good as the first glass. All push seal solutions are machine washable and 100% BPA FREE. Making it a must have for every household that wants tastier wine and fresher food!