Recharge Lighter

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No Fuel. No Flame. Just Plasma.

The "I Love You" ZipLamp is the perfect fusion of art and technology, playing tricks on the human eye by creating a 3D optical illusion. The lamp gives the illusion of a 3D hologram from afar but when you come closer you find a 2D piece of flat acrylic glass. Designed to amaze and impress guests the ZipLamp is a perfect addition to any bedroom, living room or wherever you desire.

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    • LED Life span: 10,000 hours
    • Voltage: 5V, 0.5A
    • Weight : 1 lbs

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Disposable lighters cause harm to the environment and put a dent in your pocket overtime. Recharge Lighters are eco-friendly and do not require any fuel.



The Recharge Lighter uses dual electric beams which are windproof and do not go out even in the toughest conditions.



Never spend another dollar on fluid or lighters again. Just plug in for 30 minutes to receive a full charge and get over 100 lights!