Weather Crystal

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A glass that predicts the weather.

The weather crystal is the latest trend in home decor for the home. No just designed to look awesome, this glass is a stylish way to forecast the weather. The teardrop shaped glass is filled with specialized crystals that change accordingly to the current weather conditions.

Hazy- sometimes accompanied by precipitation, then the weather will be cloudy;

Precipitation suspended, it indicates that the wet weather or frost;

The suspension of precipitation and hazy liquid coexist, which indicates that the storm will come;

In a sunny winter day, there is a suspension of liquid, which means that it will snow;

In a warm day or in the winter, there is a large precipitation in the liquid, which indicates that it will be cloudy;

In the bottom of the cup, there is a crystal, which indicates that it will frost


  • Easy Breathing - Centre hole for you to breathe freely.
  • Portable - The super portable design makes it easy to carry
  • Supports Neck & Shoulders - Supports neck and shoulder muscles.
  • True Engineering - Developed by Physicians and Osteopaths.
  • Antibacterial - Made from an antibacterial material which is hand washable.
  • Works Anywhere - Take it on a plane, train, bus, car or wherever you want to be comfortable!